The yeshiva

"Ma'ale Eliahu" yeshiva in Tel Aviv founded by rabbi Chaim Gantz in 1996 (5756), In order to achieve Talmidey Hahamim that alongside their trah greatness,they are attentive to state of big city's mind.

the yeshiva's Beit Midrash has more than 230 students, and it's based on young men, before or after military service, and married students, who set their home near to the yeshiva.

In addition, learn in the yeshiva group of soldiers and officers, who serve their military service in yeshiva's area, and want dedicate thier free time to Limud. In addition to them, residents of Tel Aviv, who look for a place to meet judaism, and wide range of learners, who take part in classes regularly, or learn with havruta.

the Beit Midrash, and its rabbis and students is a spiritual base, and serve as source of power to wide range of influence and educational activities in Tel Aviv.